Gluten Free Ricotta Pizzas

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I LOVE my baby girl. She is the cutest baby that I have ever seen. I love playing with her, talking to her, and listening to her coo and babble. She is absolutely adorable! I often have to remind myself to eat, and it seems like when it is time for me to eat, it is also time for her to eat and she gets fussy. Since I can’t eat gluten, some of the easiest lunch options and not options for me. I don’t always have bread, so no sandwiches. I need something quick and easy, but that doesn’t take all day to make. I make these all the time!

Ricotta, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Italian Seasoning, and Mozzerella

They make a super easy and quick lunch or snack and are is easily customized to your individual tastes. It takes just a few minutes to put them together, and then I can go back to playing with my little girl.

Ingredients to have on hand:
Corn tortillas
Ricotta cheese (or cream cheese, both are tasty
Assorted toppings of choice (sun-dried tomatoes, pepperoni, bacon, olives, etc. Whatever you like on your pizza!)
Shredded Cheese (I normally use mozzarella or Italian blend, but you can use anything you have)

Preheat your oven to 400F.
For each pizza spread ricotta (or cream cheese) onto a corn tortilla. (I don’t use tomato based sauce because that tends to make the tortillas less crisp, still yummy, but I like how it turns out better this way.)
Top according to your hearts desires.
Sprinkle with as much cheese as you want, and place your pizza on a baking sheet.
Bake in your preheated oven until the cheese gets melty and starts to brown and the tortilla gets nice and crisp. Having the tortilla really crisp makes it much tastier.
Once your pizzas are done allow them to cool for a little bit, and then cut into pieces. Serve with marinara sauce on the side, if you want.

The best thing, it only takes 5 minutes of prep, and is made from whatever you happen to have on hand. We’ve made pizzas with turkey slices on them before! Be creative, and enjoy this quick snack.


  1. Luana says

    February 4, 2012 at 2:28 pmi tried this for my cousins family because they cant eat anything with gluten in it and they loved it and so did i can eat gluten but i think gluten free foods´╗┐ taste really better than gluten in food and thank you for helping me make a great dessert for my family!!!!

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