I’m excited about Walmart Online Grocery, here is why you should be too!

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I’m excited about Walmart Grocery, here is why you should be too!

I'm in love with Walmart Grocery, here is why you will be too!

This post is sponsored by Walmart. As always, all opinions are entirely my own. I have been anxiously waiting for Walmart Grocery to be available in my area and now that it is I am super excited to tell you about it!

I first heard about Walmart Grocery a year or so again, and have since had green horns pop out of my head whenever friends who had it in their area posted on Facebook about how easy it was ordering their groceries online and picking at Walmart.

But now those little green horns are gone for good because Walmart Grocery is in Albuquerque NEW MEXICO!

What is Walmart Grocery?

Basically you can order all of your groceries from Walmart online and then pick them up the next day in the store. Participating Walmart’s have a pick up area, so you don’t even get out of your car.

I'm in love with Walmart Grocery, here is why you will be too!

You just pull up to the pick up area during the time slot that you pick, and then call them so that they know you are there. Then they just bring all of your groceries out to your car and load them up for you.

I'm in love with Walmart Grocery, here is why you will be too!

So why am I excited? (and why should you be excited too?)

I hate dragging my toddlers through the grocery store.

I am rarely a sane person by the time we have gotten most of the items on our list. Have you ever tried comparing brands and prices on similar products while trying to keep 2 curious monkeys within arms reach? We normally come home with a few wrong items, or missing items.

But someone has to buy the groceries, and my time sans-kids is so limited I don’t like using it to go grocery shopping.

Using Walmart Grocery I brought my kids grocery shopping and they never left their car seats the entire time. It was magical!

I'm in love with Walmart Grocery, here is why you will be too!

The Walmart closest to us doesn’t have Walmart Grocery yet, so I loaded up the kids in the car and we went on a short drive to a location that did. I popped “Curious George” into our DVD player, and picked up our groceries. They stayed safely buckled in, and I didn’t have to chase them through aisles of canned goods and salad dressing.

Another reason why I loved using Walmart Grocery is that I didn’t have to worry about forgetting my list at home, or forgetting to buy an item on it. I was able to quickly select my groceries on their website after dropping my kids off at school (by searching and also by browsing through categories).

When you check out online you get some suggestions of items that people with similar carts also purchased, to help remind you in case you forgot something.

And even if you do forget something, or you run out of something later that afternoon (we ran out of milk) you can easily log back in and add an item or 2 as long as it is a few hours before your pick up.

I'm in love with Walmart Grocery, here is why you will be too!

You don’t have to worry because Walmart’s expert team picks out the freshest ingredients and produce, guaranteed or your money back!

You want to know what the best part is? It is FREE! You get the same low price on groceries that you would have if you had gone in the store, with no extra service charges!

My hubby maybe thinks I am a crazy person, because I won’t stop talking about how excited I am to be able to go grocery shopping without ever getting out of the car.

I thought the online check out process was so neat that I made him take a break from his homework to come and check it out.

“Your Master’s program can wait, babe. You gotta watch me buy groceries!”

I love being a #GroceryHero !

I am super excited about this new service from Walmart in our area, and I hope that you are too!

Want to be a #groceryhero too? Check out Walmart Grocery!

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