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The Essential Gluten-Free Cookie Guide

The Essential Gluten-Free Cookie Guide published by Triumph Dining
I am so excited to share all of my favorite cookie recipes with you(more than 50!) Including Giant Chocolate Chip CookiesSoft-Frosted Sugar Cookies, Fortune Cookies, Cake Batter Cookies, Biscotti, Brownies, and so many others!

With the help of my mom, sister, and dad I published A Perfect Paleo Thankgiving Fall 2012.

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It can be extra hard to eat healthy on Thanksgiving, but armed with this cookbook you don’t have to sacrifice any flavor to benefit from eating Paleo. (And Paleo is ALWAYS gluten-free.)

You know I love pie!


No Thanksgiving is complete without lots of pie…


And Cheesecake!

This is what some people have said about A Perfect Paleo Thanksgiving:

I love short, tightly focused books because I don’t have the time to wade through lots of fluff and unnecessary detail. A Perfect Paleo Thanksgiving gives you just that. You want to know what to cook for Thanksgiving from start to finish? You got it right here. You need nothing else to deliver a delicious paleo Thanksgiving meal to your family and friends.”
Alison J. Golden from
I love Thanksgiving. Watching football, eating lots of food, and relaxing afterward. Thanksgiving is all about family, and I have many patients whose family’s appreciate and support their healthy food choices, but they sometimes have a hard time knowing how to make dishes which will be the most healthy for everyone. This recipe book fills that need very well. We can help our families with wholesome and healthy ideas, which also support the spirit and fun of Thanksgiving. Pumpkin Pie… delicious!
Dr. Rick Henriksen Family Physician from
In the rebirth of a real foods-based modern-day Paleo movement, one of the best aspects of it is how families are now eating this way together both as support and as an overall nutritious lifestyle plan. For the Fackrell family, it wasn’t just a choice for them to go Paleo as several of their kids started experiencing negative consequences to consuming wheat and gluten. That’s what makes A PERFECT PALEO THANKSGIVING so charming and inspiring to other families who might be skeptical about trying this for themselves in earnest. The mouthwatering recipes included in this book are strategically designed to get you through the holidays without a hitch and starting a brand new year off on the right foot in this continuing journey to better health.
Jimmy Moore, Health Blogger/Podcaster and Author of 21 Life Lessons From Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb
Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting Flippin’ Delicious