{BEST} Gluten Free Red Velvet Cupcakes

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This is the best gluten free red velvet cupcakes recipe ever.  Moist cupcakes with a hint of chocolate and vanilla. Dairy free and vegan options! 
This is the best gluten free red velvet cupcakes recipe ever. Moist cupcakes with a hint of chocolate and vanilla. And that cream cheese frosting on top... You should make it!
I developed this gluten free red velvet cupcake recipe last summer when I was running my gluten-free baking company, and then I never actually baked it to sell at the market. I guess red-velvet isn’t a big summer flavor, more for holidays and special occasions. Like Valentine’s day. Red velvet is perfect for Valentine’s day.
This is the best gluten free red velvet cupcakes recipe ever. Moist cupcakes with a hint of chocolate and vanilla. And that cream cheese frosting on top... You should make it!
The very first Valentine’s day that I was married I spent the whole morning baking a special dinner for my hubby. I made a bunch of dippers for fondue, and baked several mini red velvet cakes with cream cheese frosting. I was really proud of myself for pulling it off, that week we were moving from our first apartment( a less than 500 sq foot studio) to our second apartment and I was 7 months pregnant with our daughter (we had been married 11 months.) I proudly served these cute little mini red velvet cakes that were covered in sweet cream cheese frosting and my sweet hubby only ate half of his. I had not yet discovered that he doesn’t like cream cheese, at all. So for him the cream-cheese frosting ruined the yummy red velvet.
This is the best gluten free red velvet cupcakes recipe ever. Moist cupcakes with a hint of chocolate and vanilla. And that cream cheese frosting on top... You should make it!
The best gluten-free red velvet recipe that you will ever eat. Moist, sweet, with just a hint of vanilla and cocoa. These cupcakes really are the best! Easy to follow recipe with weight and volume measurements.

Original photo from 2014

If you are like my hubby and don’t love cream cheese, feel free to use your favorite buttercream. If you aren’t a cupcake person, or a cake person, keep your eye out for my gluten free red velvet cake pops.
This is the best gluten free red velvet cupcakes recipe ever. Moist cupcakes with a hint of chocolate and vanilla. And that cream cheese frosting on top... You should make it!
UPDATE 2/2016 I have since made this recipe dozens more times. I made these gluten free red velvet cupcakes with my gluten free red velvet layer cake to serve at my sister’s wedding last spring. It got RAVE reviews from Gluten free friends and family, and gluten-eaters alike. I made a few adjustments to the gluten free red velvet cupcake recipe too, so they turn out even better. They really are the best gluten free red velvet cupcakes!
I’ve made these cupcakes using an egg replacer several times with great results. If you need to bake egg-free check out this Egg-Free Baking guide from my friend Nicole who blogs at Allergylicious.


{BEST} Gluten Free Red Velvet Cupcakes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This is the best gluten free red velvet cupcakes recipe ever. Moist cupcakes with a hint of chocolate and vanilla. And that cream cheese frosting on top... You should make it!
Recipe type: cupcakes
Serves: 16 regular cupcakes or 48 mini cupcakes
For the Cupcakes
  • .75 oz (about 3 Tbs) cocoa powder
  • 9.5 oz ( 1¼ c minus 1 Tbs) white sugar
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp xanthan gum
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • 8.25 oz (1½ c) Gluten-Free Flour Blend (I have only tested with my GF Cookie/cake blendand have gotten great results)
  • ½ c milk *see note
  • ½ c. vegetable oil
  • 2 eggs**see note
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp vinegar
  • ½ - 1 tsp red food coloring***see notes
  • 1 recipe Easy Cream Cheese Frosting
  1. For the Cupcakes+
  2. Preheat oven to 350F. Line cupcake pan with paper liners.
  3. Mix together all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. In a large liquid measuring cup mix together all the wet ingredients. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix until combined.
  4. Fill the muffin pan cups about ¾ way full (about 1 Tbs of batter for mini muffins) and bake until the cupcake springs back when you touch it, about 18-22 minutes. (30-35 minutes for a layer cake.)
  5. Cool before frosting with Easy Cream Cheese Frosting.
*I have used dairy-free milk with almost the exact same results. Of course, cream cheese frosting isn't dairy free. Either use a DF cream cheese substitute to make the frosting, or you could frost it with a traditional roux-based frosting, subbing in dairy-free milk and butter. I have made GF on a shoestring's recipe with dairy-free milk and I thought it turned out great.

*I have used a flax egg substitute with almost the exact same results. For each egg mix 1 tablespoon ground flax seed with 3 tablespoons of warm water. Let it sit for 5 minutes to thicken before adding to the batter.
For this recipe you need the equivalent of 2 eggs. I used 2 TBS of flax seed with 6 TBS of warm water.

*** I have no issues using food coloring to make red velvet. If you wanting to avoid artificial food coloring I would suggest using a natural food coloring, like THIS ONE. You could also try my friend GF Jules Gluten Free Red Velvet Cupcakes dyed with beets.

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gluten free soft frosted sugar cookies-2
This is the best gluten free red velvet cupcakes recipe ever. Moist cupcakes with a hint of chocolate and vanilla. And that cream cheese frosting on top... You should make it!


  1. Theresa says

    I followed the recipe exactly, but it only yielded 15 regular sized cupcakes. It will be plenty for my purposes, but it is significantly different from the yield listed in the recipe.

    • flippindeliciousflippindelicious says

      Theresa, did you use the weight or volume measurements? The weight measurements are much more accurate. I’ve often seen differences in yields just because even when following a recipe exactly there is still a lot of room for variance. All yields are just approximations to give you an idea. If you filled your cupcake pans even just a bit more than I did it could easily cause the difference in yield. Baking is just finicky like that!
      Thank you for visiting my blog and trying my recipe. Hope you enjoy them!

  2. Jessica says

    Omg! I made these last week, and they are amazing. My friends couldn’t stop eating them. Great recipe and I would recommend this recipe to anyone ! Thanks!!!

  3. Becky says

    I just made these for a function tomorrow. Like one of your other commenters, the recipe made 15, not 24. I don’t care because these are sooooo good! The cupcakes rose so well with a nice rounded top. I have had a lot of trouble with cakes rising well, but I doubt anyone would know these were gluten free unless told. So tomorrow I’ll make some more for the function and we will have a couple at home for my grandson (the gluten free one)! He will be so happy.

    • flippindeliciousflippindelicious says

      I’m so glad that you like them Becky! I am making these again for my sister’s upcoming wedding, and I can’t wait! I’ll double-check the yield when I do.

  4. maggie says

    My batter came out very sticky- could this be too much xantham gum? I went back and forth about whether to use it or not because the flour mix had anthem gum in it… I ended up using it and now I feel like I ruined them!

    • flippindeliciousflippindelicious says

      It sounds like too much xanthan gum is your problem. You may or may not have noticed, but my flour blend doesn’t have xanthan gum in it. I add the xanthan gum to each recipe individually because different recipes have different binding needs. If you choose to use a different flour blend and it already has xanthan gum in it you don’t need to add more.
      I hope that they weren’t too gummy once you baked them!

    • flippindeliciousflippindelicious says

      Hi EllieCap! I have made mini cupcakes with this recipe before. In fact, the first time I posted the recipe it was with the minis. The oven temp should be the same, and just bake them until a toothpick comes out clean or the cupcakes spring back when you touch them. I would start checking them after 10 minutes and guess they will finish between 14-17 minutes. It has been awhile since I’ve made them minis, and I made some changes to the batter from the original mini recipe. Sorry I don’t have a narrower time window.

  5. Lisa says

    I am about to make these delicious looking cupcakes for my son’s 13th birthday tomorrow. I have one question concerning the flour. I use Bob’s Red Mills 1 to 1 flour. Will I be able to use the same measurement?

    Thanks for your help.

    • flippindeliciousflippindelicious says

      Hi Lisa!
      I haven’t used Bob’s 1 to 1 flour very much, so I am sorry I am not able to give you a specific answer. The one time I used it in quick bread it didn’t rise as high and was more dense. You can probably still use it, just know that your cake probably won’t rise as much an may be more dense. You may need to adjust the baking time too.
      So, yes you can use it in the same amount, you just won’t get the same results as you would with a different flour. (Here are the flours that I use)

      • Tina Hoye says

        I just made this recipe with Bob’s Almond Flour. Unfortunately my cupcakes sunk in the middle. Could it have been the flour?

        • flippindeliciousflippindelicious says

          Hi Tina,
          The culprit was most likely the flour. You can’t sub Almond Flour straight across for a GF flour blend. The flour is just so different, you have to entirely adapt the recipe. That being said, I LOVE almond flour and use it in many recipes, just not this one.
          Hope that helps! -Brianna

  6. Doris says

    I can’t believe it, I finally found your recipe again! I’ve made these and they came out fantastic but I forgot to pin the recipe. I’ve used other recipes (4x) and they are not even close to this one! Thank you so much, these cupcakes are perfect.

  7. Tasha & Steph says

    Our cookies turned out brown instead of red! We’re so confused! We used the exact measurements for cocoa powder (3 tblsp) and exact measurements for red food coloring (1 tsp). What do you think might have happened?

    They taste great — btw 🙂

    • flippindeliciousflippindelicious says

      Hi Tasha & Steph,
      Food coloring can vary in strength, which could be the culprit. Red velvet cake just needs a lot of food coloring. If you used a dutch or dark cocoa powder that could have also made them more brown. Next time just add more food coloring a little at a time until it is the color you want.
      Also, I just wanted to make sure that you meant “cupcakes” not “cookies.” I am assuming it was a typo, but if it wasn’t that might have been the problem.
      I am happy that you enjoyed them, even if they weren’t vibrant.
      Happy Baking!-Brianna

  8. Liz says

    I can’t wait to try these for book club next week. Do you think I can use Lorrann Red Velvet bakery emulsion instead of the food coloring?

    • flippindeliciousflippindelicious says

      Hi Liz,
      I don’t have any experience with Lorrann Red Velvet bakery emulsion, so I do not know how it will work. Let me know what you try! -Brianna

      • Liz says

        They tasted great using the emulsion but the top all sunk and were flat. I probably need to figure out high altitude adjustments for gluten free baking (I did use your “flour” blend). Thanks for a great recipe.

        • FlippindeliciousFlippindelicious says

          Hi Liz,
          I actually live more than a mile high, so you shouldn’t have to make altitude adjustments. Mine aren’t sunken, but don’t always have a domed top. More like a flat top. A variety of things can effect the way a cupcake rises. If the flour was under-measured, if the cupcakes came out a minute too soon, or if the leavening was old. Hope that helps.

          • Liz says

            I used a scale for the flour and all my flour was new. The leavening was not new but had not expired. I think, if anything, the were overlooked. Maybe I’ll try the method of just using a bag each of the flours and skip the weighing each type. Thanks!

    • flippindeliciousflippindelicious says

      Hi Julia, I haven’t worked with Guar Gum, though I have heard it can work similarly. If you try it, let me know how it worked. When I can’t find xanthan gum in my local store, I buy it on Amazon. I usually buy the xanthan gum from Bob’s Red Mill. -Brianna

    • flippindeliciousflippindelicious says

      Hi Shanti, I usually use white vinegar, but have also used apple cider vinegar when that is what I’ve had on hand.

  9. Hilary says

    I’d like to try the red velvet cupcakes, but don’t understand the US measurements for fluids? What is the volume of a ‘c’ as in the 1/2 c of milk and 1/2 c vegetable oil? Here in the UK we use fl Oz or mls. Could you translate please.

    • flippindeliciousflippindelicious says

      Hi Hilary, I apologize for the confusion. A “c” is an abbreviation for the US “cup” which is equal to 8 fl. ounces. So 1/2 c. would be equal to 4 fl. oz. Hope that helps!

  10. Kim Wallis says

    I made these for my daughters birthday, and I can safely say they were the nicest GF cupcakes I’ve ever made! Definitely a regular in our household now. Do you think I could make vanilla ones with the same recipe, minus the cocoa and colouring?

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